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CelebrityToys.com is a complete guide to the celebrity rich and famous. We look at all of the perks of being famous, from the fast, expensive cars, lush and luxurious homes, and the party style nightlife. We view celebrities and all of their toys, as we aspire to one day have our own.

Celebrity homes are big and beautiful with lush landscaping and big swimming pools. Game rooms and other amenities are often scattered throughout the premises to entertain guests and family. Some celebrity homes are upscale apartments. They prefer to live in a busy city in a high rise penthouse, overlooking the late night lights of a busy city. Either way, celebrities have the money, so they have the luxury. We offer many luxuries at a celebrities disposal when they decide to develop their home. Sometimes they have expensive art collections, in house recording studios, gold laced curtains, and in home movie theaters. Anything they want, they can usually get, and we mean anything.

They have the hottest cars on the road with the biggest price tags. From Aston Martin to the Hummer H2, celebrities are turning heads with their souped up rides. CelebrityToys.com has all of the most popular choices these celebrities make when it comes to choosing a car for their taste. Whether it's luxury they're after, or pure speed, we'll let you know what the celebrities are choosing when they want to make a statement with their car. Hit the road with these beauties, and you'll see what makes them popular amongst the rich, famous, and popular celebrities.

Celebrity fashion is possibly the biggest craze. Many celebrities have even started their own fashion lines as businesses because they see how it is such a valuable market. Along with many other top fashion manufacturers such as gucci, chanel, prada, etc. there is a list of celebrities who have developed their own fashion lines.

Michael Jordan's home in Highland Park, which he bought in 1999, is more than 25,000 square feet, has a basement theater, a putting green and a basketball court. Naturally, the numeric address of the home is 23. celebrity homes

The Ferrari has been around for a long time as a top end exotic for the rich and famous. Any wealthy wallet would love one. Celebrities like Motley Crue's Vince Neil have at least one of these toys in their driveway. celebrity cars

The celebrity nightlife is more popular than ever. With more money to throw around, and people gawking at celebrities clubs are booming with "A" list stars. We'll bring an exclusive view on the hottest clubs, hotels, ane more. celebrity vip


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