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Many radios now feature mp3 playing capability, and almost all are strictly cd players. don't count on a celebrity driving around listening to his favorite cassette of music, they just don't cut it anymore. Along with the growing craze of mp3 music, satellite radio is becoming more popular. The option of listening to commercial free music is just too good of an offer for upscale automobiles. The bottom line is, a radio is no longer just a radio for celebrities, it's an mp3 player, an am/fm radio, a cd player, and a satellite radio. If that's not enough, don't worry, those are just the standard features.

The dvd moniters are extremely popular in celebrity cars. They even include dvd monitors in the headrests of the backseats so people driving behind you can see what you're watching. what better way to waste money on your car! Nevertheless, celebrities can afford to bolster their cars with suave features like dvd headrests, and consoles. They generally include GPS navigation systems so your driver won't get you lost. Don't worry though, even if you do get lost, the time will fly by watching your own music videos or movies on your many DVD screens. It's not as if there is anything else to be watching...while you drive.

CD Changers
Nobody wants to swap out cd after cd constantly. Most celebrities pack 6, 12, 24, and even larger cd changers in their cars, depending on if they get theirs custom built. Most common are 12 disc changers which allow you to switch the cd that you're listening to (or dvd) right from the console with the push of a button. It's helpful because you won't have to search through your cd collection to hear your favorites, just load them all in the changer. It's also very convienent, not having to thumb through the cd archive floating around your car. We know how important music is to celebrities, especially when their listening to their own songs.

Nothing is worse than a poor reproduction of your music. It's coming from the speakers, so celebrities get the top of the line. Often times, speaker companies will send out samples of speakers that aren't even released yet, just to get them in celebrities cars to try out. It helps the company sell high end expensive speakers because some celebrities have them in their car already. It's almost a popularity contest, but you can't beat sound. When celebrities are shopping for their speakers, don't expect them to skimp on the speakers. Top of the line speaker means they will be heard, and there's no point in being a celebrity, if you're not going to be heard.

Fine engineering, solid constuction, and lots of power make a great amp. An amp (or amplifier) is necessary to send power to your subwoofers, and subwoofers are necessary for your car to blast bass. These amps are going to pump out 1000's of watts into the cars speaker systems, allowing massive walls of sound the shake not only this car, but that car, and that one over there, and the one down the block too.

Like we just said, if you want to be noticed for your sound on the road, you want some subwoofers. Common woofers are either 10" or 12" they provide a deep, punchy bass sound that really kicks. You'll be setting off car alarms blocks away with great subwoofers like the celebrities have. Only the best for celebrities and their sound, expect top of the line.

Some top car audio companies

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