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Before there was Monster Garage on The Discovery Channel, there was Motorcycle Mania and Motorcycle Mania 2. These shows concentrated on the many talents and outrageous creations of Long Beach, California bike builder Jesse James and his shop known as West Coast Choppers. Jesse James was a somewhat low profile master builder who spent some time working on hot rods in Boyd Coddingtons shop before focusing most of his attention on his real passion; custom bikes. With a keen eye for creating 2-wheel works of art, Jesse James started building bikes in the corner of a friends garage back in 1992. With virtually no money and no partners, he built his new business from the ground up, the same way he creates his bikes.

Now with over ten years in business, an 18,000 square foot shop, a staff of over 50
and a waiting list for his new creations, Jesse James and the West Coast Choppers crew stand as The premier builders of custom one-off choppers.One of the first bikes to gain major recognition for James is the El Diablo. This particular bike is a one-off custom that was built for the original Motorcycle Mania show.This El Diablo took Jesse one year to build, With gleaming custom orange paint by Damon’s of Brea, California, this bike is a true show stopper wherever it goes. The 120” Merch motor is backed by a 6-speed transmission and a huge low profile 200 rear tire. This bike epitomizes the Jesse James style and shows off his artistry and workmanship. Every inch of this machine was created with one main goal in mind; to stand out in the crowd of cookie cutter creations that have become a common sight at shows and cruises. And stand out it does! With an ever growing client list that includes celebrities like Kid Rock, Shaquille O’Neal, Tyson Beckford and way too many more to list, his incredible creations often sell for over $150,000. For the fortunate few individuals who own one, the attention can be overwhelming. This Discovery Channel Orange El Diablo will and should be in a MUSEUM one day.

Yes, this is the famous Bike that Jesse James HAND BUILT for the Discovery Channel Motorcycle Mania 1 television series that started it all, it is the # 4 El Diablo built This West Coast Chopper El Diablo was also on the cover of AMERICAN IRON MAGAZINE august 2001, and on pages 54-59 you know how awesome a bike has to be to make the cover of American Iron Magazine. This West Coast Chopper Orange El Diablo is one of the most famous Bikes EVER BUILT, This bad boy even has it's own WEBSITE that comes with the purchase of this PIECE OF HISTORY and A REAL COLLECTORS DREAM, visit this website and click different links that will take you on a tour of history of this El Diablo, see over 100 pictures and also you can go to the video link and click on the 120" merch motor to see and hear this bike actually run, On the Discovery Channel Motorcycle Mania 1, you can see and watch Jesse James talk about and build this Orange El Diablo, watch him mask the bikes frame and lift the 120" Merch Motor and install it on to the bike, also this is the bike that is on the still photos when motorcycle mania1 switches to the next chapter, This bike also comes with the two plaques that say from Jesse James and are from Jesse James himself. West Coast Choppers will build you an El diablo softail for $125,000 to $150,000 and it will take you 12 months to get it and it WONT BE HAND MADE BY THE LEGEND (JESSE JAMES) on Motorcycle Mania 3 Jesse builds the Copper Bike and say's that this will be the last Chopper that he will build. This Orange El Diablo Softail took Jesse James and his fine crew one year to build, this bike has a hand hammered gas tank that Jesse made himself and endless hours of hand craftmanship, West Coast Choppers of Long Beach ca, is well known for building some of the BEST BIKES IN THE WORLD. there bikes dont go down in price like most other bike manufactures, This bike will only go up in price, this is the most documented west coast chopper ever made, Time to build one year: BY Jesse James and West Coast Choppers :everything on this bike is a one off says Jesse James.

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