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Most celebrity homes are big and beautiful, illustrating their fancy taste and lifestyle. They are in premium locations with expensive features, such as vast yards with swimming pools. In their houses they have game rooms dedicated to leisure with games like billiards, and pinball machines. They have big, flat screen televisions hanging from every other wall. Fine furniture to relax on spread throughout every corner of every square foot. (And there is usually quite a bit of square feet)
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The expression livin' large applies to celebrity homes, especially when referring to size. They live in the biggest houses, in the best areas, with the finest surroundings. Celebrities spend their money well in some of the best housing available.

Swimming Pools
View information about some of the most expensive swimming pools available, with details and pictures of swimming pools similar to those in celebrity homes. Theres no better place to relax then soaking up sun by your high-priced swimming pool.

Find the hot details on top of the line plasma tv's, lcd tv's and more of the best selling, high quality television sets in celebrity homes today. Televisions are no different than most celebrity toys, they have to be bigger, and more expensive than anyone elses.

Learn about furniture currently in celebrity homes, with info on how to get fine, high-quality furniture like celebrities for better prices. With details from top designers using premium grade materials to furnish celebrity homes.

Game Rooms
Detailing the game room, with info on table games like billiards, air hockey, and others like poker and darts. There's no fun being a celebrity if you don't have every toy possible. Many celebrities have game rooms to entertain guests, and themselves.

Find the prime locations celebrities are living in from New York City to Beverly Hills. Includes addresses of top celebrities in the Los Angeles and California area.

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