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Table tennis is an exemplary game of skill requiring remarkable hand eye coordination by the players. In order to play the game professionally you require high degree of perseverance and concentration to position the ball at the required place in the opponent's side of the table. Read on for comprehensive information about, table tennis history, rules for playing the game, about the game equipments and also pick few valuable tips to improve your playing.

History of Table Tennis
Table tennis game was initially an after-the-dinner amusement for British officers in India and South Africa during the 1800s. It was first called ping pong. Ping pong became the game's registered name during 1901 until it was later altered to Table Tennis. During the year 1935, the U S Table Tennis Association was formed which was later renamed as U.S.A Table Tennis (year 1994). The first table tennis world championship tournament was played in London during the year 1927. Olympic table tennis was first played in 1988 (with both men and women Singles and Doubles matches). Today table tennis game witnesses enthusiastic participation from both the east and the west alike.

Rules for playing Table Tennis
Official table tennis games are played for 11 points. The team or player to score 11 points first is declared as the winner. In case there is a tie for 10 points between the two teams / players then the side to fist score a lead of 2 points will be declared as winner.

For every game the players alter the starting ends. Each side serves for 2 points then the serve switches to the other side. After each tennis game the players are allowed a brief interval for about 1 minute and after every six points scored the players are permitted a fleeting break for toweling.

Take a look at few common errors in Table Tennis:
Allowing ball to bounce on your side more than one time
Failing to hit the ball after it bounces on your side
If the ball bounces on your side of the table after you have hit it
If the ball does not bounce on the opponent's side after you hit (unless if the opponent hits the ball before it bounces on his side)
Hitting the ball in mid-air prior to the ball hitting your side of the table
In the event you commit any of the above-mentioned errors your opposite player will be awarded one point.

Table Tennis Equipments
The Table - Official table tennis game tables are a rectangular surface 9 ft. (274 cm.) long and 5 ft. (152.5 cm.) wide. The playing surface is placed 2 ft. 6 in. (76 cm.) above the ground. The table surface should be dark colored with a 3/4 inch (2 cm.) white line running along each edge. The table should offer uniform bounce during the game.
The Ball - Table tennis ball is spherical and is 40mm in diameter. The ball is made of celluloid or similar plastic material. It generally weighs 2.7 gm.
The Net - Net is placed at the center, dividing the table in to two equal halves. The net is placed 6 in. (15.25 cm.) above the playing surface.
The Racquet - Table tennis racquet should be flat and rigid. It can be any size, shape or weight. Minimum 85% of blade thickness should constitute natural wood.

Few tips to help you play Table Tennis effectively
Here are a few simple tips to improve your table tennis game and to help you score better:
Do not stick to one particular pattern of service and spin for the entire duration of the game.
Third ball attacks often serve to confuse your opponent. For example, Begin with a small backspin serve and then subsequently pin your opponent with a long push and powerful loop.
It is best to attack your opponents during long serves.
Do not concentrate on the ball when your opponent serves. You should instead focus on the opponent's rackets.
You could confuse your opponent by mixing up returns with loops, drives, pushes and chops
It is advisable to be efficient at both forehand and backhands. You should be deft with attacking your opponent with both hands
Concentrate on improving your serving techniques
If you are a beginner then it is advisable to go for medium fast blades

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