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Keep up on your favorite celebrities and stars. Read the top stories in entertainment news daily, and recap the most popular news stories of last year.

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Learn where your favorite celebrities got their start in Hollywood. From their humble beginnings, to the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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Find celebrities that own their own businesses and companies from P. Diddy's fashion line, to LeBron James Lightning Lemonade Bubble Yum gum.


Many celebrities lead lifestyles that keep their schedule busy. Generally speaking, most spend little time at home. This means, when they are home, they want it to count. We've listed some of the top cities in the United States that celebrities call home. From Hollywood to New York, Chicago and Atlanta, celebrities can afford to live wherever they want to. But it's no wonder why these cities are usually tops on the list.

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Find the richest people in the world, focusing on celebrities and the richest celebrities in hollywood, including movie producers, musicians, actors, directors, music producers, actresses, models, writers, tv and radio personalities.

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