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Will Ferrell - $40 mil
Born in Irvine, California, on July 16, 1967, John W. Ferrell (a.k.a. Will Ferrell), by his own account, was a typically normal child. Once comfortable in high school, however, he began with the jokes and started causing disturbances in class...biography

Johnny Depp - $37 mil
Johnny's life began in Owensboro, Kentucky on June 9, 1963. His parents moved the family to Miramar, Florida when he was very young. When he was twelve, his mother bought him a guitar which became his obsession...biography

Will Smith - $35 mil
Although he initially became famous as a rapper, Will Smith went on to prove his acting talents in both television and films, eventually winning a reputation as an entertainer who could bounce between musician and actor...biography

Tom Cruise - $31 mil
He must have inherited his love for acting from his mother, who was a teacher. One of the reasons why he is such a well-grounded human being is because of his difficult upbringing...biography

Brad Pitt - $25 mil
He comes from a strongly Baptist family. brad pitt was raised in Springfield, Missouri. brad pitt's dad, Bill, is a trucking company manager, and his mother, Jane, is a high school counselor...biography

Drew Barrymore $22 mil
Both halves of her famous family's theatrical and cinematic legacy, actress Drew Barrymore demonstrated a captivating flair for performing for public notoriety when barely into her schoolgirl years...biography

Jennifer Aniston $19 mil

Jennifer Lopez $17 mil
Jennifer Lopez is an idealist and an actress--one of Puerto Rican descent--who is convinced she can transcend the stereotypes mainstream Hollywood tends to attach to her heritage...biography

Nicole Kidman $15 mil
Nicole wasn't, as most people think, born in Australia but in Honolulu on Hawaii, where her father was working on a research project. Being born in the States, Nicole has dual citizenship, both Australian and American...biography

Julia Roberts $8 mil
Julia Fiona Roberts was born on October 28th, 1967 in Smyrna (Georgia). At 9 years old, she loses her father what explains why Julia followed in a therapy but her sister Lisa was always here to help Julia...biography

Tiger Woods $87 mil
Michael Schumacher $60 mil
Michael Jordan $33 mil
Shaquille O'Neal $33 mil
Lance Armstrong $28 mil

Gisele Bundchen $15 mil
Heidi Klum $8 mil
Kate Moss $5 mil
Tyra Banks $6 mil
Adriana Lima $4 mil

Madonna $50 mil
Elton John $40 mil
P Diddy $36 mil
Metallica $35 mil
Shania Twain $34 mil

George Lucas $290 mil
Mel Gibson $185 mil
Steven Spielberg $80 mil
Jerry Bruckheimer $66 mil
Peter Jackson $47 mil

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