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Many celebrities lead lifestyles that keep their schedule busy. Generally speaking, most spend little time at home. This means, when they are home, they want it to count. We've listed some of the top cities in the United States that celebrities call home. From Hollywood to New York, Chicago and Atlanta, celebrities can afford to live wherever they want to. But it's no wonder why these cities are usually tops on the list.

Hollywood, CA
The rambling metropolis of Los Angeles sprawls across the thousand square miles of a great desert basin, knitted together by an intricate network of congested freeways between the ocean and the snowcapped mountains. Its colorful melange of shopping malls, palm trees and swimming pools is both mildly surreal and startlingly familiar, thanks to the celluloid self-image that it has spread all over the world.

New York, NY
The most beguiling city in the world, New York is an adrenaline-charged, history-laden place that holds immense romantic appeal for visitors. Wandering the streets here, you'll cut between buildings that are icons to the modern age – and whether gazing at the flickering lights of the midtown skyscrapers as you speed across the Queensboro bridge, experiencing the 4am half-life downtown, or just wasting the morning on the Staten Island ferry, you really would have to be made of stone not to be moved by it all. There's no place quite like it.

Miami, FL
Far and away the most exciting city in Florida, Miami is a stunning and often intoxicatingly beautiful place. Awash with sunlight-intensified natural colors, there are moments – when the neon-flashed South Beach skyline glows in the warm night and the palm trees sway in the breeze – when a better-looking city is hard to imagine. Even so, people, not climate or landscape, are what make Miami unique.

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta is a relatively young city: only incorporated in 1847, it was little more than a minor transportation center until the Civil War. In 1864 Sherman's army burned the city, an act immortalized in Gone with the Wind. Recovery after the war took just a few years. Industrial giants who based themselves here included Coca-Cola, source of a string of philanthropic gifts to the city.

Chicago, IL
Chicago is in many ways the nation's last great city. Sarah Bernhardt called it "the pulse of America" and, though long eclipsed by Los Angeles as the nation's second most populous city after New York, Chicago really does have it all, with less of the hassle and infrastructural problems of its coastal rivals.

Boston, MA

Dallas, TX

New Orleans, LA

Philadelphia, PA

Orlando, FL

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Houston, TX

Honolulu, HI

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