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1. Gatecrasher, UK

Originally known for its steel industry and being the hometown of Def Leppard, Sheffield now boasts Gatecrasher, a monster club that plays home to some of the wildest music by, amongst others, 3-time DJ champ and master of the crowd Paul Oakenfold. Recently, deckmaster Max Graham became the latest top notch DJ to earn a residency at the club. While clubs like Cream did not make the list, Gatecrasher still rules the nightlife scene in Sheffield.

2. Twilo, New York
Editor's Note: This list was compiled before Twilo and Life closed.
Very few clubs are on par with Twilo, with regular residencies by DJ John Digweed, Sasha and Paul Van Dyk. Twilo is the place to go in all of northeastern USA for crazy parties and drawn out sets that will knock you out for days. Factory and Life also deserve honorary mentions for popular clubs in NYC.

3. Privilege, Ibiza
Three floors, a swimming pool, 10,000 clubbers -- the largest club in the Europe, if not the world -- it truly is a privilege to attend this hot spot on the beautiful Spanish island of Ibiza. Infamous for its 1980s history, when it was forced to shut down as the then-called KU. What do you expect when you mix supermodels, celebrities and rock stars with drug trafficking and the Mafia? A helluva party.

4. Garden of Eden, Los Angeles
With a name like this, you know you can only expect greatness. Parked in Hollywood at La Brea, GE is a beautiful club with an impressive metal job, sensual lighting and dark wood. A mecca-city for aspiring actors, the crowd is full of these. The place has nice bars and a cool balcony overlooking the dance floor, helpful for staking out the ladies. So leave the sneakers at home and hope for a top notch DJ.

5. Crobar, Chicago
Home to some of the best DJs in the world, Carl Cox's recent Mixed Live album was taped here.Chicago is a great party city. Surprisingly, the now-closed Shelter and Karma also got some nods, but Crobar came out on top. The combination of music, incredible sound, bar layout, and sexy women made it a finalist on this list.

Other bars and night clubs

Catalina Bar & Grill

Phone: (323) 466-2210
1640 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Hollywood California 90028

Club One Seven
Phone: (323) 650-2464
6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90028

Hollywood Palace
Phone: (323) 467-4572
1735 North Vine Street
Hollywood California 90028

The Gig
Phone: (323)936-4440
7302 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, Ca, 90046

Phone: (323)804-4146
1076 Lillian Way
Hollywood, Ca

The Viper Room
Phone: (310)358-1881
8852 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

After Hour Power L.A
Phone: (323)957-7004
6671 sunset blvd suite #1581
Hollywood, California, 90028

The Derby
Phone: (323)663-8979
4500 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca

The Cat Club
Phone: (310) 657-0888
8911 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, California, 90069

The Key Club
Phone: (310) 786-1712
9039 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, California, 90069

The Highlands
Phone: (323)461-9800
6801 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, Ca, 90025

Whiskey A Go Go
Phone: (310) 652-4202
8901 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California, 90069

House of Blues
Phone: (323)848-5100
8430 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

The Garden of Eden
Phone: (323)465-3336
7080 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, Ca, 90028

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