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With the growing popularity of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) trucks seem to be finding their way out the door. Some celebrities still love a good truck though, whether it is lifted like a monster truck, a 4 wheel drive off-roading truck, or just a strong truck to tow around their motorcycles, trucks still hold some value. Of course, a lot of value lies in the fact that a truck is still cheaper to insure than an SUV in most cases. Although, if you're buying an $80,000 truck, you're most likely not going to wince at an extra couple grand.

Most trucks fall into either the compact, full-size category, or midsize. Base model compact trucks are some of the cheapest vehicles on the market, but premium models can cost into the mid- to upper-$20Ks. Full-size trucks range from the low-$20,000s to the low-$40,000s.

Compact trucks offer four-, five- and six-cylinder engines that deliver respectable mileage. Smaller trucks with V4 to V6 engines offer better gas mileage. Larger trucks with V6, V8, and sometimes even V10 engines tend to offer more power, but lower mileage. Many of these trucks utilize diesel engines to provide more towing power. Basic safety equipment like front airbags and seatbelts for all passengers are usually available. Some newer full-size trucks offer more advanced systems like side curtain airbags and electronic stability control.

There are generally three body styles for trucks: regular cab, extended cab and crew cab. Regular cabs have two doors and seat between two and three comfortably. Compact extended cabs add mostly extra storage space, while full-size versions can seat three additional passengers. Rear clamshell doors make it easier to get people and cargo in and out of the back of extended cabs. Crew cabs have four full-size doors and seat between five and six passengers comfortably. Of course, comfort is a luxury most celebrities can afford.

1. Cheverolet S-10
Michael Jordan endorsed the Chevy S-10 truck in commercials. With chubby chunks of deeply treaded rubber at all four corners, only partially shaded by aggressive matte-black flares, it is a tough little truck. It's meant to look like a custom off-road conversion, with big tires stuffed under a raised suspension, all of it too much to fit under the standard bodywork. If you've seen monster trucks, you get the idea, though only on a smaller scale.

2. Dodge Ram
Big and brash, the Dodge Ram lineup covers the full-size-pickup spectrum with a vast range of body configurations, trim packages, and powertrains. Hardcore boulder-climbers will love Power Wagon, while NASCAR Craftsman Truck enthusiasts will lust after the Viper-powered SRT-10. Most consumers, however, will fall somewhere between those two extremes, likely drawn to the capable 1500 truck in regular-cab or Quad Cab forms, but be careful, Tyson Beckford was injured in an accident in his Dodge Ram.

3. Ford F-150
This is a big truck. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a monster truck you may have seen on MTV's show "Cribs" He has recently completed a 60 x 100-foot garage behind his home, where he enjoys hanging out with his buddies, and working on his monster truck along with his ever-growing herd of street cars and a street-stock race car.

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